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The Most Wanted Place For Bloggers

“BIG BERRY resort is the place where every blogger wants to go to” – Elodie Ripoche

No matter what your interests are, you definitely want to experience life with us at BIG BERRY resort. This place is just perfect. If you are a travel blogger, a food blogger, a lifestyle blogger, a healthy blogger and so on, you will more than enjoy your experience here.

BIG BERRY resort offers a great number of activities in the Slovenian nature such as canoeing, yoga, horse riding, hiking, and other outdoor activities. You can even go swimming in the Kolpa River.

The resort is also perfect for gourmet bloggers who can taste all of the BIG BERRY Partners’ specialties. There is nothing better than tasting local partners’ food to discover the Slovenian culinary culture! Yum-yum!

Even for bloggers who are interested in fashion or art, a lot of events related to it are regularly organized in the resort.

In short, BIG BERRY resort offers a great experience to different people from all over the world and with various interests.



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