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Read the interview given by Helmut Bergthaler, manager of, to the BIG BERRY team in Salzburg.

1.       How many houses is there in the camping?

Approximately 120 houses


2.       Is there the possibility of renting bikes, canoes or stand up pedals around here?

Only in the village - Seekirchen.


3.       What are the activities people practice the most around the lake (Wallersee)?

Swimming, surfing, wind kiting, hiking, biking, lay in the sun


4.       Which is the main public of

Target market – offer recreation without any noise to nearby residents from Salzburg, Seekirchen and nearby

5.       How do people arrive in the See- Camping, normally? Are there many that use public transportation besides train?

Typically with cars, but the train is attractive especially for all coming from Salzburg.

6.       Could you list the attractions around here? What do people normally do outside the camping?

Salzburg city, salt mine, Icecaves, Hallstatt, Bad-Ischl emporer village, Sound of music-scenery Bustour.



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