6th BB CHEF - Rihard Zupančič, fresh caught trout and a weekend by the Kolpa

Definitely, polenta and fish taste much better when cooked in nature and in a cheerful environment and this was exactly what happened during the 6th edition of BIG BERRY Chef, last 5th of June, when BIG BERRY hosted Rihard Zupančič’s from the Izletniška Kmetija Zupančič.

Kmetija Zupančič farm also offers home-made food along with juice and wine. The house specialty is lamb as well as baked and grilled trout.

To surprise all us for the main dish Rihard’s chosen FRESH CAUGHT TROUT!  Rihard chose trout to be cooked on barbecue plate and the partner’s ingredient used in the dish was Zlati Ghee to moist a fish more and give a special touch of butter.


So… Why trout?  

Trout itself is a moist fish with amazing flavor.  It is categorized as an oily fish, which have many health benefits, including omega-3. Cooking the fish with butter (Zlati Ghee) and olive oil not only adds flavor but helps keep the fish more moist. Either grilling or baking whole fish is not very hard. The skin is succulent and cooking the fish with the bones will make the meat taste even better. Well cooked fish will fall off the bone and it won’t be a problem. We suggest you too to try great and simple recipe for trout.


Watch here the video how Rihard prepared this amazing dish.

You can read more about the event by clicking here.


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