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After Olympic feeling and new adventures ahead

Another daring venture is behind us, which we can add on our list of achievements. We couldn’t even imagine a better start of the year, than being a part of an amazing project such as building a Slovenia House in PyeongChang this February.

For BIG BERRY, Winter Olympics in South Korea were right on spot. Having the opportunity to spread the word about our work, do the networking and being around inspirational people, who all together all share one thing: passion for what they do. And for us, that was enough. “Passion. Connected”, as the slogan of the Games stated, was something we could easily identify with, and what showed us that this opportunity was not to be missed - so we decided to make the best out of it.

A place full of events, gatherings, people from all around the world, seemed like perfect scenario for our team. And it was. International spirit was spreading all around, while still being able to feel the atmosphere of home thanks to the coziness of Slovenia House, whose  ambience was created with a help of creative minds from ArnoldVuga and GregorcVrhovec.

slo house

Slovenian house interior    Details inside of Slovenia House were a mixture of Korean and Slovenian elements

BB in Slovenian House                      Interior was designed with a hep of ArnoldVuga designers

It’s not unknown that BIG BERRY is an eventful concept. Our hearts and minds can’t stay still for a long time, so we are always looking for something new and creative that will make us feel connected.

To our delight, about 20 events, 1400 invited guests and more than 2000 visitors, from which numerous Slovenians and international sportsmen, businessmen, journalists, partners, suppliers, volunteers and tour operators, were hosted in the Slovenia House during 17 days of Winter Olympics. And just like we stated in one of our “21 Olympic Days“ post, it was all about the connection.

One of the most successful events which took place in Slovenia House, organized by Slovenia Touristic Organization (STO), was workshop for local and international tour operators and agencies. Excited for the opportunity to present our story and hear all the feedbacks, we knew this was an extremely valuable experience.

South Korean tour oprators   Representing BIG BERRY in South Korea, and sharing our story with the others

BB mini replica house


It is well known that BIG BERRY houses are, except being modern and comfortable, also mobile. By creating a special edition of mini, wooden BB replica house with a help of Iztok Oblak, a hayrack expert from Slovenia, we were able to bring a touch of Slovenian authenticity all the way to South Korea. The house travelled for almost 2 months across the seas to reach its destination. It was the first trip of the BB mini house, but definitely not the last one, especially after the feedback it received in Korea. It roof might not be smiling like the ones in Korea, but the story behind its brand tends to put a smile on peoples faces.

BB mini replica house               BB mini wooden replica blending into South Korean environment

BB mini replica                                                      It’s all about the details                           

BB replica details

Mini wooden replica     BB mini house will soon be back on Slovenian land, ready to plan its next trip

The house is now on its way back to Slovenia, and soon it will be ready for the new adventures, so don’t miss out!

New season - new adventures


bb lecture                   Plans for the new, upcoming season are already in preparation 

While still under the impression of the Winter Olympic experience, there is not much time for rest. It’s time to focus on the next BIG BERRY eventful season, whose preparations are in full swing. 

BIG BERRY counts the days until the 3rd summer season opening on Kolpa River and other destinations, on 28th of April 2018.

So many ideas, projects, events and happenings that we have in mind. Our passion and will for creating has never been stronger, which means that another busy season is ahead of us. This year, BIG BERRY will host many chefs, masterminds, entrepreneurs, fashion, product designers and artist, where they will be able to express their creativity to the fullest, in the environment that provides a true Luxury of Freedom.

bb chef             BB Chef vol. 2: 21 Chefs will be hosted at BB Kolpa River this season

bb mastermind                BB Mastermind is also preparing for its 2nd edition, with new lecturers

fashion design           BB Designer Year is just one of the new projects for the season 2018

bb building                     Plan for the new season: keep on building our BB empire

If you wish to join our team and become a part of the story that will go a long way, and to feel the passion while creating something unique, contact us and show what moves you!

35229168571 9402155c00 h 1     Our cheerful and hardworking team is always in a search for new, creative minds

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