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Wine tasting with Semiška Penina

On Saturday evening 24th of June we had an interesting visitor at our BIG BERRY Kolpa resort: Gregor Simonič came to introduce us to the great products of our BIG BERRY partner Semiška Penina. Semiška Penina is a local wine producer from Semič, Bela Krajina, who produces different kinds of sparkling wine.

We had set up our new rooftop terrace very comfy for the wine tasting event and as the evening sun was still shining beautifully, we sat down in the butterfly chairs to listen about Semiška Penina’s different types of wines.

BB stories wine tasting 2

BB stories wine tasting

Gregor told us how they make their delicious sparkling wines at Semiška Penina: they use the classic method where the wine goes through its second fermentation in the bottle to produce the bubbles. The sparkling wine is stored at the Simonič family wine cellars for at least a year and a half.

BB stories wine tasting 3

BB stories wine tasting 4

We started the tasting from the dry Barrique, then proceeding to a little bit sweeter Semiška Penina Polsuha, and at last we had a tasty Rose. We were all amazed about the smooth taste of each of the sparkling wine. The evening proceeded with good taste and great conversation until the sun was set.



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