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When bloggers meet BB!

Two amazing bloggers, Kimber and Saskia, from a purposeful travel blogging Reisgenie ( visited BIG BERRY and spent few days in the resort.

During their stay they had an enjoyable time in Bela Krajina. The dynamic women visited Tri Fare, three churches on a cemetery in Bela Krajina, which is something special and historical.

Also, they made a tour at the source of Krupa River, oil paradise at Oljarna Pečarič and biscuit dream at Šraif. BIG BERRY is truly proud of every blogger who visits the place! It’s amazing the number of quality people that you can meet! The only thing you have to do is that keep yourself open to great opportunities.

Come at BIG BERRY and built a new friendship! Learn Something New From Every Person You Meet!

Make your vacations unforgettable and always remember that travelling gives mental satisfaction to all people!


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