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The Houses of BIG BERRY

„Once you settle down in bed for the night, apart from the relaxing country silence, you could easily be in any luxury branded hotel in the major city. Fully equipped, one feature I didn’t expect to find was the intergraded air-conditioning and heating. It ensures inside can be regulated at a temperature that suits you, no matter how hot or cold it is outside.“

                    By: Barry, UK

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BIG BERRY Story - Houses 

Don’t you agree that comfort is all we need to feel home while escaping from our everyday lives? Uhu? Then, what about experimenting some wonderful campsite holidays and enjoy astonishing sights without losing the cosiness you have at home? BIG BERRY thought of everything you want (AND NEED) to have in your holiday house in order to make your life easier and a much more joyful! Let yourself be spoiled by BIG BERRY’s houses, its luxury and practicality. Check out the options prepared exclusively for you here:! #BIGBERRYHouses By: Mariliza Bonesso


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