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The Design was/is Sleek and Absolutely beautiful

„I was lucky enough to be staying in a gorgeous mobile home which has been specially designed to satisfy every need and want – the design was sleek and absolutely beautiful offering complete luxury and the opportunity to enjoy self-catering if wanted.“

             By: Lucy, UK

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„Sleeping six, the cabin gave me plenty of room to myself and I even had my own private jacuzzi total luxury after staying in hostels for the week beforehand.“

Contemporary, Scandinavian-style design provided excellent solution for furnishing the Hosekra mobile home. Its space saving solutions were the perfect fit for the interior as 34m 2 of space needed to fit up to two bedrooms, bathroom and a common area. Compact and minimalistic, it delivers everything that was imagined, giving enough space for everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy their vacation to the maximum.

Photo by 2DP Photography



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