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Successful travel bloggers visited BB!

Last week successful travel bloggers visited BIG BERRY and made us a great impression!

Meeting bloggers face to face from all over the world and sharing ideas is very important for BIG BERRY team as it is a great opportunity for building human relationships.

We had the chance to meet Andrey, Maria, and Anna from Bulgaria, bloggers at Andrey Andreev Photography ( It is a useful guide about traveling in Bulgaria and Balkans providing travel ideas, events to attend, guides, what to do, where to go while visiting a country for a first time.

Another person we met was Taylor, who is the blogger at Travel Colorfully ( Taylor has a great blog cover image from global destinations such as Southeast Asia, America, Europe, Africa.

All of them visited BIG BERRY and explored the region of Bela Krajina! The most delicious food from Gostišče Veselič, Izletniška kmetija Zupančič, Gostilna Müller and Ekološka kmetija Župnca, wine tasting at Kmetijska zadruga Metlika Cellar, tour of Bela Krajina with RIC Bela krajina, visits to Krajinski park Lahinja and Domačija Kuzma.

We take care of our guests and try all the best for them!

Visit Slovenia and feel like part of BIG BERRY!


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