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Special Services for BB

RIC Bela krajina and Radio 1 Odeon provide different types of Special Services for BIG BERRY Resort. Both of them are equally important, as they provide the support in BIG BERRY's growth and vitality.

At first, Radio 1 Odeon  was supposed to be one of the main communication channels that promotes the events and news regarding BIG BERRY. As the situation developed over the past two years, BIG BERRY has gained more air time, due to the notable activities which promote the community and region.

Our secod partner, RIC Bela krajina, carries out the tasks of local tourism organization and business development in Bela Krajina Region. Tasks at hand are planning, organizing and informational activities, with the purpose of promoting tourism and entrepreneurship development. RIC Bela krajina is in charge of guided tours in the region, and in cooperation with BIG BERRY, organizes corporate and private events seminars, workshops and training programs at Kolpa River. Furthermore, it is also important to note that RIC Bela krajina is responsible for organising the workation project of the resort. 

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