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Slovenian Winter Clothing Collection for PyeongChang 2018

On Tuesday, 19th of December, at Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana we presented a collection of clothing for the upcoming Olympic Games in PyeongChang 2018. The Olympic collection by designer Sandi Murovec is somehow a continuation of the of recent years guidelines, while the prevailing colors remain green, white and blue.

The president of the Slovenian Olympic Organization, Bogdan Gabrovec, at the start of the event said: "I am looking forward to the fact that I also do not know the details of the new collection. The one from Sochi was exceptional, but I emphasize the content of sports performances, but from the viewpoint of the sports team, it is extremely important that clothes is not only beautiful, but also winning".
At the presentation in Ljubljana, the role of sports models was taken over by summer Olympic athletes, canoeist Benjamin Savšek and triathlon athlete Mateja Šimic.

In cooperation with Murovec, who designed the collections of Peak brand, OCS presented all the clothes for PyeongChang. There is a wide choice of designed winter clothes, from the official winter jackets, that will be worn by athletes at the opening ceremony, to the clothes for the competitions and those for leisure.
"Since the Olympics in London, we've been trying to find a perfect design and color identity for Slovenian team. Now we have found this identity, so there is no room for extravagance." We take care of the image of both, the athlete and the fans." Murovec said about one of the basic characteristics of the collection.

Four years ago in Sochi, Slovenians were very recognizable in the then green-white-blue combination and Murovec is convinced that the South Korean collection will also be a success.
"With a single Olympic collection, the athlete can feel more confident. As an athlete myself, I know that you have to forget everything on the field while, except for the competition, but it's still important how they look," said Franci Petek, the head of the Slovenian national team in PyeongChang.

The OCS also presented the hockey team sports equipment and elegant clothes that will be worn by the members of the ice hockey team.
In addition to the overall Olympic collection for athletes, the OCS presented the same for the fans, as well as a slightly less sporty collection for all those who will be working inside of the Slovenian House at the Alpensia mountain sports center.

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