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Slovenian athlete Ilka Štuhec in P&G campaign "Thank You Mom"

Continuing the globally recognizable campaign "Thank You Mom" will also echo in Slovenia. The Olympic Committee of Slovenia continued its cooperation with the global Olympic partner, Procter & Gamble (P & G) before the Olympic Games in Pyongyang, through the Foundation for athletes from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.
The next chapter in the campaign, Love of Prejudice, was already presented by P & G in early November in a video showing how the world could be if everyone saw it through the eyes of mothers. The campaign ambassadors in Slovenia will be a Slovenian alpine skier, Ilka Štuhec, and her mother Darja Črnko.

Athletes are faced with numerous challenges and prejudices on their way. The most important person on their way is the mother, the source of unconditional love and inexhaustible support. The campaign celebrates the role of the mother, who is not only the most committed supporter of their child, but also the person who sees their best potential, regardless of how others see them. Athletes around the world agree that the way to the Olympic Games can be full of obstacles and that the support of their mothers is invaluable.

Ilka Štuhec, while presenting the international video on social networks, announced that she is proud to be a part of this global story. The current world skiing champion and Olympic from Sochi 2014 will not be able to appear at the upcoming games in Pyongyang due to recent injuries, but she will embody the message of the campaign. Their life story and sports path, breaking through financial problems, fierce competition and returning after injuries, inspired many.

Ilka and Darja upgraded their relationship through professional cooperation, since Mom is also a member of the Ilka's professional team. Darja said of her relationship with her daughter: "You really connect the most when it's difficult." Ilka summed up her relationship with her mother with the following words: "Since I am often away from home, it is very nice that my mom is with me and that we can share moments, good and bad. My mom helps me and encourages me."

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