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Plan your dream trip to Italy!

“Venice has the magical power to make you think that you live in a dream while walking across the lovely canals. Let's explore the fairytale palaces”!

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Italy is situated next to Slovenia a distance approximately 514 kilometers away. Italy is a destination to remember for the rest of your life! Planning your visit to Italy while you are in Slovenia, is a dream! Venice is considered to be an absolutely romantic city, maybe one of the most ideal places to go to for a romantic vacation…

Once you go there, get lost into the narrow streets and alleys! Venice is also the city of culture full of monuments, museums, exhibitions, and concerts. If you want to go to the beach escape, the nearest and most famous place to visit is Venice Lido, easily reached by vaporetto from Saint Mark's Square.

At 15th of August it takes place a local traditional event known as Ferragosto. Ferragosto falls on the religious holiday of Assumption, is the time when local Venetians head to the beach, rivers or lakes to stay for a while far away from the heat of the summer. At the end of August through September starts “Venice Film Festival” which takes place on Venice Lido. The Venice Film Festival is an annual internationally known film festival which sees a bevy of stars and starlets grace the gondolas and red carpets of the Canal City.


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