luxury of freedom


Perfect Mix of Nature

“Once you are on the picturesque road to the seaside, you will not be able to take your eyes off the landscape around you.“

           By: Sianna & Teodora, Bulgaria

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We believe that Slovenia has just the perfect mix of natural diversity. Among the famous Slovenian greenery it is refreshing to circle around short but stunning Slovenian 47 kilometers long coastline. The most famous towns to visit are Koper, Piran and Isola or as they call them the pearls of the Slovenian Adriatic sea. All cities on the coast have a lot to offer, from daytrips, sightseeing locations, great food and drinks to peaceful and relaxing viewpoints and other picturesque places. It all reminded us of BIG BERRY: 47km of peace, luxury and plenty of freedom. Who knows, in a couple of years there might be a BIG BERRY house on that hill.


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