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Paddle boarding with Kolpa Adventures


Have you ever tried stand up paddle boarding? If not, you are missing a whole lot of fun! last week, BIG BERRY hosted a partner Kolpa Adventures, who brought sups to the resort and provided our BB team, Roshni from The Wanderlust Within and other guests with loads of fun. Warm summer day and sun reflection on calm, green Kolpa River made just a perfect scenario for this water sport activity.

With a little bit of professional help, we finally managed to master our balance on the moving boards. not only have we mastered the skill, but after a while we were able to even do some sup yoga! Headstand on the paddle board? No problem. This definitely goes on the list of activities to be done in BIG BERRY on a regular basis. 

Also, we decided to spice it up with a challenge, where two people were competing on who can stay longer on a shaking paddle board without falling into water! It was for sure a day full of enjoyment and we can’t wait to host Kolpa Adventures once again in BIG BERRY. 

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