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Olympic Villages Getting Ready To Host Its Guests

In South Korean PyeongChang, everything is being prepared for the upcoming Winter Olympics in February 2018, and, do far, everything goes according to plans, even better. Today, at the special event, both Olympic villages were opened, which are already ready for the reception of their guests - members of the Olympic teams.

During the Winter Olympics in February next year, athletes and the remaining members of the Olympic teams will live in two villages - one in the mountains and the other on the coast. The PyeongChang Olympic Village will have 3,894, as well as other members, while Gangeung Olympic Village on the coast will accommodate 2,900 guests.

Members of the Olympic team of Slovenia will be staying in 2 different Olympic villages during the Winter Olympics: the mountain Olympic Village will host sports teams of alpine skiing, biathlon, snowboarding, ski jumping, cross-country skiing, Nordic combination, free-style skiing and sledging on artificial lines, in the 15-floors high building, while the Gangneung Olympic Village will accommodate a hockey Olympic team, in 25-floors high building.

For both Olympic villages, special rules apply, which state that entry to the Olympic Village is allowed only to athletes and accredited escorts (coaches, repairers, doctors, etc.), while journalists are not allowed to enter. Smoking and the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the village, while guests can enter the Village only with prior announcement.
Since the Olympic Games organizers are aware of the importance of the inhabitants of the Olympic Village, athletes and athletes feel comfortable and homely during their stay; the Olympic Village is built in a way that enables them to "live" as in a small town, as they have all the needed facilities provided.


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