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New Feelings on Travel Experience

“I thought I’d never really cared about luxury. But to be completely honest, I don’t see how my backpacker’s background should be an impediment to the full enjoyment of some comforts such as those offered at Big Berry.”

              By Claudia, Italy

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„And comforts I got: I walked in to find a spotless and fully equipped kitchen with a couch where I could get cozy. A basket full of local goodies was waiting for me: a craft beer from the local brewery Vizir; a delicious jar of local honey; a freshly pressed apple juice; a piece of fresh pogaca, the local bread; and the Big Berry shower gel. As I bit into the fragrant pogaca, I explored the bungalow and the camp.“

We are proud to have been located in an area that has so much to offer. Only this way we are able to deliver the true, authentic experience, just like we have always imagined. Enjoy nature, local products and amazing gastronomy during the day only to come back to the tranquility of the resort and experience fully to what it has to offer.


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