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More than 10 new BIG BERRY destinations

Each new destination – even those remote and not yet identified - may become a magnet. With properly-conceived promotional campaign, mandatory participation of local communities and other partners and the team of experts, BIG BERRY in the first year of operation reached remarkable visibility and brand awareness what, in the end, led to increased interest in Bela krajina.

The franchise model, one of many BIG BERRY concepts, has generated a lot of interest in the international market. The advantages are easy transport and cost effective set up of the modular mobile homes, which are produced by the Slovenian company Hosekra. Manufactured and tested business model allows each new destination to build up the resort in just few weeks and to begin with rentals immediately.

The brand BIG BERRY has developed more complex and compelling story to offer a higher level of tourism and to build strategic partnerships with local and other partners in the so-called "Winning by Sharing" concept. In 4 months, company Hosekra managed to create a completely new image of location on Primostek. On 25,000 m2 only 7 high quality mobile homes were placed, with all supporting infrastructure and first-class amenities such as massage tubs, outdoor massage houses, private entrances to the river, lounge houses, laundry service, WIFI connection and other business necessities.... And, not to forget the ecological aspect in BIG BERRY, on the location there are 38 kind of different edible berry varieties and 40 kinds of herb plants, as well as the bee hotel.

What is more surprising is that the first working year in BIG BERRY is dedicated solely to promotion of offers, destinations, partners and to building a brand. For this purpose, Kolpa River destination was home to nearly twenty interns from 11 different countries and hosted 27 local and national partners, nearly 120 journalists, bloggers and photographers from all continents.

BIG BERRY understands the power of social networks and integration. The key to recognition is a digital marketing campaign with creative thinking and clearly formulated goals. BIG BERRY has been chosen as an example of good practice presented within the framework of the Slovenian Tourism Forum 2016, which was held on October 13th in Radenci. The results are:  23 weeks with 6.467 posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, 2.271.020 impressions on Facebook and Twitter, 20.000 likes on Instagram and 2.882 on Facebook, 108.200 page views on, on which social media interns published more than 280 news from the destination and more than 180 news about partners and BB team.

The next stage in development is continuance of the digital campaign with more than 18.000 posts and photos on social networks, new releases of BIG BERRY magazine and presentation of the brand on international fairs and conferences. Currently, BIG BERRY is closing negotiations with more than 10 new franchise destinations. Interested franchise buyers come from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Romania and Spain.



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