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Medeni Butik Voglar-innovation straight from nature

Medeni Butik Voglar produces delicacies straight from nature without any added preservatives, additives or chemicals of any kind. Luckily, BIG BERRY is generously offered their top-quality jams, honey, honey wine, honey vinegar and many other succulent products. Voglar provides great range of flavours of organic jams, naturally, of the highest quality, sweetened solely with honey - making them unique on the organic products market.

At BIG BERRY the breakfast menu is full of tasty discoveries! Start your day with the delicious and top quality jam, honey, honey wine, honey vinegar and many other products made from Medeni Butik Voglar.

All their products originate from local farmers. It is very important to know where your food is coming from!

What could it be better than enjoy a relaxing breakfast time while watching a breathtaking view of Kolpa River and amazing lakes? Every morning take "delight in a basket", full of homemade goodies for breakfast.

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