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Give a wonderful canoeing trip a try with Kolpa Adventures

Get ready for a memorable experience at BIG BERRY: canoeing down the Kolpa River.

For more than 20 years, Kolpa Adventures has been organizing sports and adventure activities, completely connected to water. Our partner, together with BIG BERRY, organized canoeing trips for bloggers who visited the resort, as well for all the guest willing to discover the natural environment.

Canoe and equipment rental at Kolpa Adventures is reasonably priced, considering the price per value, and of course entertainment factor. Embark with your canoe from BIG BERRY Resort and find your perfect picnic and sunbathe spot; or just unwind in the lush and soothing nature!

The important thing to note is that you have the opportunity to explore a cool, extremely relaxing, natural and friendly place. So, let the river waters take you to a hidden paradise of Slovenia!

 Photo by: flickr


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