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Learning about the traditional bread pogača

On Wednesday 27th of June we visited our dear BIG BERRY partner Domače Dobrote Mojca. Mojca’s home and bakery is located in Metlika only 10-minute drive from BIG BERRY Kolpa resort. We headed there with our guests Max and Oksana from Drink Tea & Travel and as soon as we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by Mojca and the delicious smell of her freshly baked pogača.

In Mocja’s bakery you can find everything from flatbread to strudels, different kinds of cookies and other delicious pastries. But the most famous product she makes is the traditional bread from Bela krajina, pogača. In Mojca’s bakery, schoolchildren can attend the Bread Baking School and learn how to knead the dough, use the bread oven to bake bread, and take their first loaf home. Mojca will also introduce visitors to the history of bread baking.

BB Stories Mojca 2

BB Stories Mojca 3

We sat around the table full of homemade pastries, cookies and of course, pogača. As Mojca started to tell us about the traditional bread and the history of how they make it in their bakery, we all listened and enjoyed tasting it. The best part of the visit was to watch step by step how Mojca prepared pogača. She showed us the whole process from preparing the dough until when the bread is ready to be taken out of the oven.

BB Stories Mojca

BB stories wed Mojca

We really enjoyed the positive spirit of Mojca, her way of telling us stories with a smile on her face and after the visit we all left with our stomach full of pogača, and the delicious sweets. We really enjoyed this joyful visit and would visit again anyday!


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