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Handiworks in Bela Krajina

“ These crafts teach you to appreciate the value of handmade handi work and make you realise that many times “hand made” actually means 'heart made'.”

             By: Ivana, Slovakia

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Bela krajina is the Slovenian region that is still fighting to get the attention. People there are eager to be seen and can hardly wait to show their crafts. What is definitely unique is their devotion to the tradition. They are not burying the past but actually reviving it in its full glory and beauty. Due to their connection with their ancestors, family and culture, we are able to see and try the manual work which has almost no connection to production and manufacturers nowadays. In Bela krajina you can see people using wooden machines on which they do linen cloths and other items from linen, they use old wooden “pencil“ to decorate Easter egg with wax. Trying these traditional crafts is mind-blowing.




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