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Fantastic dishes from Marof bistro that you should know

All of the dishes in Marof bistro are fully created from local ingredients. Enjoy the Mediterranean touch, as well as a sense of being in the most colorful place on earth, Burano in Italy.

Benjamin Romšak, head chef at Bistro Marof, in Novo Mesto, was the BIG BERRY chef  during the end of June. Benjamin cooked two amazing dishes. The first one was twist risotto and the other twist beef. In addition, Benjamin shared ideas with the guests and explored the place. He was really enthusiastic about BIG BERRY destination. Not only this, but also he participated in the “Trying the Cook” game.

Moreover, Blaž Žvab, who also works at Bistro Marof in Novo Mesto, came to BIG BERRY to present three different excellent dishes!

When you visit Slovenia, try this place and get the opportunity to enjoy a great gastoronomic trip!

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