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The family of our partner Kočevar  started to produce hemp oil, hemp flour, and different kinds of liqueur and natural juices to sell them on markets, years ago. All their products are homemade andnatural. The Kočevar's desire to raise people awareness about the benefits of industrial hemp, becausehemp is very healthy for you.

 The hemp plant has been used for centuries. It has its own history and the earliest records of hemp use and cultivation date back over 10,000 years.

Our ancestors used it for:

● Clothing, textiles;

● Ropes;

● Pottery;

● Fibber paper;

● Hemp seeds and oil used for food like spices, great source of plant based protein, etc.

Hemp was used for thousands of years to produce textiles. Hemp textile are much more durable and has much more healthy benefits than cotton. However, the prohibition of cannabis made industrial hemp illegal as a drug. Since that time, hemp textile industry was destroyed.

However, hemp is still in use in old villages. It‘s very good fibber. Don‘t worry, there are different kind of hemp species. Get familiar with these main benefits of hemp and put them into your diet because:

● It’s very nutritious;

● May reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer;

● Hemp seeds oil have benefits for skin disorders;

● It‘s good for your digestion, etc.

 Modern medicine nowadays has discovered the antitumor effects of hemp. Some people using that for cancer prevention.

Spread this information and don‘t miss a chance to try it!


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