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Ekološka kmetija Župnca

Ekološka kmetija Župnca  provides BIG BERRY  vegetables and fruits for the breakfast basket, which is full of homemade goodies. Everything is organic and local.

Ekološka kmetija Župnca concentrated on food production in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and natural way of farming. They also participated in a very special event, the Astronomy Day, giving products for the 14th BIG BERRY Chef, Alojz Kolednik. On the 12 of July Alojz prepared two delicious dishes for around 30 BIG BERRY guests using also natural products from local partners, such as vegetables from Kmetija Župnca.

Moreover, it is important to know that this family company has been growing different sorts of cereals, vegetables and fruit, meat and honey on their homestead since 2005. 

Photo by: bigberry


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