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Doing Business with BIG BERRY

If you are looking for a place to start your new business, which can be a resort, a store, a coffee shop or any other business segment you have in mind, why not acquiring a BIG BERRY License? Or in the case you are ready for a full BIG BERRY experience, which includes house and the entire concept, why not accepting the challenge of acquiring a Franchise?

If you’re unsure what type of venture you want to undertake, BIG BERRY leaves you with a third option - “Contracts”.

BIG BERRY Contracts give entrepreneurs the opportunity to initiate their business with BIG BERRY by using the brand unique business model, acquiring one or more BIG BERRY houses. Naturally, BB provides all the business and marketing support along the business implementation, both through practical and theoretical aspects.      

According to the BIG BERRY CEO, Boštjan Hostej, “The plan for the BIG BERRY business, and for what we are working hard, is that it can find its way to many different countries in the years ahead. Our goal is to convince the business community that doing business with our brand is a way of ensuring sustainable economic growth for different segments. We will also continue working with the local communities, as BIG BERRY business model strongly values the social and sustainable aspects of the business.”

The houses usage

What BIG BERRY wants is to support and facilitate new business ideas, where creativity and business know-how can be combined with the already existing BIG BERRY brand, houses, services, brand items and projects. Bearing that in mind, several ideas have been drawn up on how to use a BIG BERRY house, interior design, colours, anything and everything else, in respect to the environment. 




Leisure (On and out the water)

Leisure (On and out the water)


Countryside grocery store

Coworking Space

Clothes Store

Countryside event space

Surf/Beach shop + Healthy food restaurant/shop

Coffee Shop

Countryside meeting room

Craft shop

Coworking Space

Countryside business leisure house/room

Coffee Shop

Craft shop

Countryside craft store

Bakery Shop

Meeting room

Countryside museum

Bar - also on the water

Bakery Shop


Water equipment rental


Bar - on the water




Beauty salon + Cosmetic Store


Hair dresser






Jewelry store

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