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Cooked with Passion and Love

Slovenia ― a country one dreams about and sings about. A country of the brightest stars, of the most colorful sunsets, of people you want to come back to. And moreover, of excellent food. Once you find yourself in this country, you cannot miss the chance to taste pogača ― Slovenian national food. It is baked in the ashes of the fireplace, and later on in the oven. Pogača is generally made from wheat flour, however barley and rye may be added. It is quite similar to focaccia, with which it shares the name.

At one of BIG BERRY partners ― Mojca, you can taste crusty and fresh pogača taken right out of an oven and cooked with real passion and love. Mojca is following a long tradition of cooking cakes and preparing desserts. They cannot refuse the strong symbolic meaning of bread, which preserves Slovenian tradition and history. Apart from offering amazing cakes, pastries, and desserts, Mojca also has got a bakery school named “School of Baking Bread”.

Mojca believes that cooking does not only involve following the recipe. One should try really hard to fill bread with homely atmosphere and sense of harmony.


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