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Contemporary Designed Mobile Home

“I will be honest, from the outset, it is pretty obvious that Big Berry is something unique.”

               By: Rebecca, UK

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It’s not really a mobile home as we know it – it’s like a posh cabin in the woods by the river – with your own jacuzzi on your porch. Contemporary designed mobile home has a massive flat screen TV in the open plan living room/kitchen, and the comfortable beds and duvets that have you drifting off to sleep in no time. The design is carefully planned to suit every need and to be of use, with lots of space from floor to the ceiling to store your clothes and other necessities. The whole house is a part of the nature, so the design is not focused only to the interior but also it communicates with the nature with it’s soft shades of brown colour that just adapts to the scenery. The only thing that stands out and shouts BIG BERRY is our trademark - red violet stripe. 


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