luxury of freedom


Comforts of Modern Life

“All details are treated in detail, with great attention to aesthetics.”

              By: I Rintronauti, Italy

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A place where all the positive and romantic sides of the usual camps are combined with the comforts of modern life and custom design to fit every person. 25 000m2 has everything to make you feel at home, or even better. Parents can enjoy in highly equipped mobile house, functional kitchen, BB area, outdoor volleyball, laundry service and hot tub on the terrace, while children will not get bored playing with our little cart house full of games for girls and boys. Not only that there are plenty of games to play but also plenty of space that is completely secured for children, so the parents could have a REAL vacation. This feeling is what we offer and stand for…there’s no other option than to adore the place.


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