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“Situated in South-East Slovenia, and right on the Croatian border lies a resort with a twist.“

             By: Anita, New Zealand

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At first-hand, it might be surprising which kind of settlement is there in Primostek, Slovenia. During first summer season of 2016, BIG BERRY had a mission to justify its name and to disclose the secret. Why the first generation of this resort is situated in a small place called Primostek? Why Bela krajina? Honestly, we don’t care. We love every corner of the world and we know that every single place has a special soul that BIG BERRY can get to. The importance lies in connection with the surrounding nature and the community, as well as in being open-minded to experience the deep beauty of the, so called, “normal”. We do not conform to the safe and certain things, we are here to surprise you… And often even ourselves…


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