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Brand new Berries on the field

We choose BIG BERRY for our internship for the summer of 2018. We already explored some places nearby, to get familiar with the atmosphere. We made a short trip to the nearest town, and took some photos in the old town of Metlika. As we joined the BB team just three days ago, I would say, we are green berries among the ripe ones. As such, I will tell you a tale, about what sprouting berry may wish for.  Like all berries, we want to grow too, till we become big and mature. We will soon develop our unique taste, and special charm. Cant't wait it! Today was a rainy day, but nothing to worry about, rather it is an opportunity to soak ourselves in the stream of knowledge that is pouring from our mentors... the ancient knowledge from the sky, I mean. After that, we just need to bath in the Slovenian sunshine till we get a perfect colour. The crown of the trees above us are still bare and naked, but soon the green leaves will be all out, to provide us with their cool shade in the hot summer. We get nourished from the soil of the traditional land of Bela Krajina, with the help of all the minerals absorbed through the roots, into the local produce we eat. We are in good hands here, I believe, they do care for us, and help us to be the best in our fruiting career.


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