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BIG BERRY Connects to the Area Personally

„Our interactions were utterly genuine. We went to their homes, joked, talked, and listened to their stories. For a brief moment, we were part of the community, too.“

            By: Drew & Julie, UK

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Big Berry wants guests to connect personally to the area, use locally made products, eat local food and get to know local producers. To achieve such ambitions, they have managed to foster relationships with over thirty vendors in the region, from linen makers to furniture manufacturers to honey producers. The mobile homes are custom made, and many of the furnishings are not just picked from a nearby Ikea, but rather, made by real people in Bela krajina. It would be easy to just wax poetic about the luxury camp, about the fantastic mobile homes, about the riverfront setting, about the jacuzzi, or about the generous breakfast basket. But that would be missing the bigger picture. Big Berry is about all that, but it’s about showcasing Bela Krajina even more. And that is what sets Big Berry apart from so many other similar destinations. There are plenty of eco-friendly “glamping” resorts out there, but I have yet to discover one so connected to its neighbors. And the guests of Big Berry resort get to benefit from those relationships, allowing for a truly unique experience in Slovenia.


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