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BIG BERRY Business Projects

BIG BERRY for business also takes over business events such as team building, “Workation”, group parties, VIP events, award ceremonies, board meetings and any other event that requires a perfect environment which includes space for both work and leisure moments.

As for business space provision, BIG BERRY has all the needed apparatus, from catering to technological devices, provided for speeches, presentations and workshops. Every event is unique and that is provided by the interdisciplinary team which works hard to ensure that every and all demands are met.

Some examples of events that BB promotes are the Team building and Workation. As for Team building BIG BERRY provides space, landing page to advertise event among the company's peers, necessary tools, catering, organization of leisure activities, catering and everything else required for a successful event. With regard to BIG BERRY Workation, besides all the aforementioned amenities, houses are provided with the ability to host large groups for unlimited amount of time.

Those two projects and services that BIG BERRY provides, are considered to be the best choice in helping companies improve their services and, at the same time, they stimulate the strengthening of the team. In addition, projects increase productivity in a collaborative environment, boost motivation and enable some relaxing time away from the busy city.

In addition to the customer-oriented projects, BIG BERRY has its own event that strongly welcomes all the business people: the Mastermind. The event was thought out by the outstanding people of various backgrounds - entrepreneurs, businessmen, managers, creative minds with great experience - with the purpose of sharing stories with BIG BERRY team and guests, to help ambitious and motivate people to advance in their career to participate in networking. 

BIG BERRY Partnerships is another vital part of BIG BERRY brand, born from social awareness, where it is believed that business connections and mutual cooperation are the key factors to build a strong society, both economically and socially.

Generally, BIG BERRY Partnership concept works towards building a network of brands with strong integrity; providing products & services that can help us all “live better”; supporting local businesses & mutual collaboration with all entrepreneurs willing to enhance the network - in services, products, promotions and ideas.


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