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Bela krajina, people with open hearts, visit the Malnarič winery

"Bela krajina srčnih ljudi" is the new tourism slogan of the Bela krajina region. The slogan is very accurate, since the people of this area are known for their kindness and friendliness to their guests. The perfect example of this kindness could be seen when our neighbour in Primostek invited two of our colleagues who are currently living in the area to a wine tasting at one of our beloved partners: Malnarič, because his two friends from Colombia were paying him a visit.

Samo, the owner of Malnarič winery, welcomed them with a big smile and open arms and invited them to accompany him to the winery where they produce their wine. Before entering the winery he made an obligatory stop in front of the 3 photographs that represent the history of his family and its connection to the wine industry: the first one of his father, the second one of his great-grandfather and the third one of the house where the wine production began (and which is used as a part of the logo that can be seen on their bottles).

The wine tasting started with the famous and well-known wine type from the Modra Frankinja region. Even though this type of wine is known in other countries as well, several studies have shown that these grapes were originally from Slovenia and were later distributed in other European countries. Along with Samo's explanation of how to properly drink wine and what food it goes best with, we had a visit from several locals who, as is customary, have come to their winery to buy wine. They had the opportunity to chat with us, laugh, joke and exchange opinions. Afterwards we sampled blue Pinot, several Chardonnays and of course - the drink par excellence of the region - Spritzer, which is just white wine combined with sparkling water.

It is always a pleasure to visit Samo, but it is also a perfect excuse to buy some bottles of the best wines that can be found in the region.

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