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The BB team of the season 2018 is magical! Last week, we went hiking on Sodevska stena, near the border of Croatia and Slovenia. We started our walk at a village called Dečina. The day was sunny, a cool breeze skimmed our faces as we listened to the bird song. We fell in love with Slovenia! The hiking was pretty hard on our fragile calves! However, we managed to get to the summit in just a few hours! We met Ambrož, very nice local people, on our way back, who guided us all the way to a famous spot which gave us a beautiful view of Croatia! There, we found a box with a visitor’s book that seemed quite old. The first visitor who had left his trace on it was here in 1985! Now, it was our turn. We all agreed to write something in this book to immortalize our journey. If we could sum up this day, we would say that hiking through Slovenia’s nature gave us a lot of happiness and a relaxing time together. We are planning to do plenty other activities like this in near future!

At BIG BERRY, it doesn't matter where you come from. Our BB team is 100% international and we want to preserve this! Our differences make us stronger and more creative! To be part of the BB team is an amazing experience which leaves a trace in each BB young spirit’s life. It forges strong friendships and it allows to develop a real team spirit. Together they don’t look like a team but a big multicultural family.

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