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A Reflection of Slovenian Authenticity in Korea

Slovenian Olympic House will be a true reflection of its country. It is constructed from spruce wood, one of the most common and high-quality tree in Slovenia, found in the north region of the country. The house is a great opportunity to represent Slovenia to the world, its ambient that will show Slovenian culture and its potentials. While the house tends to emanate authentic Slovenian environment, there will also be a touch of Asian tradition through paper lanterns that will be set inside the house. The design and preparation of the materials in Slovenia lasted around 3 weeks and the house is now on its way to Korea in a special ship container. When the house arrives to Pyeongchang, it will be set up with the help of Slovenian team and local volunteers from Korea.

Although it was a pleasant surprise for BIG BERRY and Hosekra to be chosen by Slovenian Olympic Committee to build the house, it was definitely deserved. Hosekra is a representative Slovenian brand name for several decades already, which stands for high-quality constructions and design. This opportunity was a result of diligent work through the past couple of years and the desire to create something new and innovative by developing a project under BIG BERRY brand. Brand's progress in such a short period of time is remarkable and it is a reflection of a hardworking international team, which believes in the story behind the brand and tries to make it competitive on the international market. Boštjan Hostej, The CEO of BIG BERRY and Hosekra, stated: “We are very honored to be a part of the Olympics”.

BIG BERRY Mini House

BIG BERRY brand and the mobile house will also be represented at the Olympics in Korea, when the small wooden replica of the house will be exposed inside the Slovenian Olympic house. The house miniature is made of the same materials as the Olympic House and it will be brought to Korea by two of its international staff, from Brazil and Croatia, alongside with the CEO from Slovenia.

The mini house was built by Slovenian carpenter Iztok Otok, a master of building small wooden hayeracks, who crafted the replica with his precise hands and keen eye for details. In desire to display the house in a very realistic way, Iztok put a lot of effort in building not only the exterior, but also a very detailed interior, working up to thousand hours in total. Judging by the time of work and replicas seen so far, the BIG BERRY miniature should be spotless and ready to be represented to the wide public in Korea at its best.




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