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08. 03. 2018

It is well known that 8th of March is the International Women’s Day in which women’s independence and equality are celebrated. For this reason BNI Situla has organized an event at the Hotel Sport in Novo Mesto, to highlight the celebration of women and their success, but also to cover ground for the future prospects. The event is created with desire to create networking among companies and people, promote the companies, generate new business opportunities and new contacts.

Two of our BIG BERRY representatives who are currently in Primostek, Cristina and Mariliza, have been invited by the photographer Peter Zakrajsek, to attend the event. Peter is a member of BNI Situla, and last year he participated in our Photography Day project. In this event, at the Hotel Sport, our BB colleagues have had the pleasure of being able to present the BIG BERRY business idea to a total of 48 companies attending.

The reactions of the public could not be more positive! The two Berries gave a talk during working breakfast; an atmosphere which very much resembled the BIG BERRY Resort. Undoubtedly, a professional event of the highest quality, is bound to result in numerous professional collaborations and projects. With an exciting and energetic start of the year, BIG BERRY is getting ready to launch its numerous projects in the next month.


Photo by: BB Team


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