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WOG PyeongChang – is it really all about sport?

26. 02. 2018

Mr. B explores the world looking for new, fresh and different approaches to the process of designing. Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang seems to be great platform not only for celebrating sport, sportsmen and their successes, but it is a great platform for representation of World's creativity in every way. Isn't that a reason why BIG BERRY is in South Korea, too? ;)

Hyundai pavilion in PyeongChang is a stunning building with an amazing story. This building is a first building ever made with the usage of Vantablack VBx2, a peculiar material which absorbes 99,965 % of the lights in its surrounding. Not only that this is the first building ever made with Vantablack VBx2, but British designer, Asif Khan, made an optical illusion which makes you feel like beeing absorbed by the cloud of darkness. Besides that cloudy feeling, Hyundai pavilion mimics a stairy sky with the usage of tiny, blinking lights on the surface.

This is not the first time that Asif Khan made revolutionary step for the development of architecture – for the Olympics in 2014 (Sochi, Russia) he made MegaFaces, a selfie pavilion for Russian telecom network MegaFon, which was mimicking faces of its visitors.

Now we are even more excited about hosting international designers in Fashion Design and Product Design projects in #BBkolpariver and seeing their ideas and designs. Design Year is coming!

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Architect: Asif Khan | Main Contractor: Hyundai Engineering | Interactive Engineer: iart | Facade coating: Surrey NanoSystems | Corian fabrication: Cutting Edge | Structural Engineer: AKTII | Environmental Engineer: Atelier Ten Environmental | Sound: Why Do Birds? | Interior contractor: GL | Local Architect: Unsangdong

Source: Dwell and Asif Khan official page.

Photos: BIG BERRY album and Asif Khan official page.

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