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Wörthersee Gala

04. 08. 2017

For the 9th time, the Wörthersee Gala will take place in the elegant atmosphere of the Velden casino.

The soprano Marilene Novak and the tenor Mario Podrečnik take you to the realm of opera and operetta.

You will hear famous melodies such as the seductive aria from "Don Quixo", the brave duet "Come to Me" from Lehar, the violin Csardas from Monti and other treasures of the classical repertoire.


Gudrun Kager - 1st violin, Jee Hyun Lee - 2nd violin, Thomas Wiesflecker cello, Sabrina Praßl - clarinet, Sabine Walter - flute, Ferdinand Bambico - piano.

Date: 10 August 2017, 20:00.

Tickets available at: Öticket, VTG Velden, Raika Velden and Casino Velden

VVK: 22 €, AK: 24 €.

Discounts: 16 € for seniors and students.


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