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Why visit Ljubljana?

17. 11. 2017


It is not pure coincidence that Ljubljana, this small European capital with some 283,000 inhabitants, is visited and enjoyed every year by a great number of visitors. And not only that, but those who visit Ljubljana, tend to come back.

Although small in size, about 275 km2, Ljubljana is great in terms of activities and resources offered, so it has nothing to envy the other European capitals. This is why this cozy city is an obligatory stop for its culture, gastronomy, people and the atmosphere it breathes. If we have not convinced you yet, we will give you some more details:

1) Ljubljana - the hidden gem of Europe

You will be amazed when you get to the city, and don't worry - it's perfectly normal, that you will see why so why many people consider this city to be the hidden gem of Europe. Its architecture and personal style have been marked by different historical periods and above all, by the renowned architect Jože Plečnik.

2) Green, green, green!!!

In our previous news we had already told you:  Ljubljana, the European green capital 2016, is a city with a green soul and above all, with a sustainable vision of development.

You will find green spaces and carefully preserved nature at the least detail that will surprise you even in the centre of the city. Your experiences linked to the natural areas will leave you open-mouthed: bike routes, segway or discover the centre of the city on a paddleboard on the Ljubljanica River. Tempting, eh?

3) The place to fall in love

Not only does Slovenia have the word love in its name, but its capital Ljubljana has it too. Did you know that Ljubljana sounds similar to the word "Ljubljena" which means "beloved"? Without a doubt, visiting Ljubljana's old town is like being in a fairy tale: crossing its picturesque bridges, relaxed atmosphere, the dragons as a symbol of the city on one of its bridges. As in any fairy tale, high above on the hill, you can take a glimpse of the castle of Ljubljana that crowns the city. A city that will make you fall in love!

4) Enjoy your meal!

Over the last years Ljubljana has made a place in the culinary world leaving its personal mark. There are many possibilities that the city offers the visitor in terms of places to eat, but we recommend some that you can not miss: From March to October the open kitchen (Odprta Kuhna) for its versatility and being something different, Gostilna Pečarič, one of our partners, if what you are looking for is traditional food with a new style where you will eat like a king. On another note, if you are more keen on enjyoing a relaxed atmosphere in the center of the city we recommend you visit Šuklje, other BB partner,  and let yourself be carried away by its extensive wine list and exquisite food. Our personal recommendation? Let yourself be seduced by its wine list connected with th emoods: you will love it!

5) The lively cultural capital for excellence

If something characterizes Ljubljana, than it has to be the alive and creative city where culture plays a very important role in the day to day. That is why it is not strange to stumble upon the countless festivals of different genres that take place in the city. From one of the oldest European summer festivals to jazz festivals, world music to street theatre. Alternative events also take place, without forgetting the alternative cultural centre Metelkova, which has become one of the city's tourists attractions.

6) Travel around the country

Ljubljana is the best starting point to explore the country. From the most popular tourist spots such as Bled or the Postojna cave or the most unusual, unknown and spectacular places in the country such as the Bela Krajina region, where the BIG BERRY Kolpa river is located, a dream place that is waiting to be visited!

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