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Royal companies deserve royal treatment

27. 09. 2017

Created in the beginning of 2017, the Royal Campaign, as we advertise BIG BERRYs’ partners in a friendly and amusing way along the season, gave a charming impression over Bela krajina companies to the guests.

Published on BIG BERRY's web page and social media channels, the Royal Cards are produced by two of 2017 BIG BERRY interns, that share their passion for clever and high-quality content and graphic design production.

The cards creation

Mariliza Bonesso, a Brazilian journalist and public relations, came up with the Royal Campaign project idea in the beginning of the year, which got approved right away: “As soon as I started the internship, remotely, I’ve got the information of the relevance partners have for BIG BERRY, so I started working hard on some innovative idea and I guess I did it!”. Still, according to her, she got inspired by the social and sustainable business model BIG BERRY has, which is strongly based on the relations developed with other local businesses, in order to achieve growth of the region. Since then, she has been working on managing the campaign publication and writing the quotes.

Although the idea seemed to be great, no charming card would be possible just with a bunch of nice quotes and management! Mariliza had the mission to find someone really skilled to make the graphic design. And as you might know, BIG BERRY do have an international team of talented interns, and among them there was Weronika Fleszarówna, a Polish designer who has got a great talent: hand drawing.

Especially inspired by surrealism techniques and concept, Nika, as we call Weronika, has also as her ally for design creation - psychology, she “Likes when images trick the mind”. Explaining the drawing process, Weronika confided that “The series of Royal Cards is the biggest and the most time-consuming project I've ever worked at. Designing almost 40 cards in one, coherent style and making each of them unique is very demanding”. Watch here a short video on how Weronika draws the cards.

The first card to be created in the campaign was for Kmetija Pavlovič, the company owned by Danilo Pavlovič which specializes in indoor and outdoor farm production and also known for its great jam and raspberry wine. When asked about the Royal Campaign, Danilo mentioned to be very pleased with BIG BERRY team cooperation in terms of marketing: “As for my company, you have contributed a lot with visibility in the market” and also added: “Your business model brings a positive impact on tourism and in our economies. You have greatly helped to bring businesses together and meet important people.”

New projects for 2018

Directly linked with partners, and also known for her love for Bela krajina community, Christina Fernandez, responsible for partners relations in BIG BERRY, revealed that for 2018 “many ideas have already emerged and we continue to aim at improving relationships and BIG BERRY common projects and goals with partners. What we can say is that this third season will be full of surprises and new projects. If it were not so, we would not be BIG BERRY”.

We can’t wait for 2018 to arrive! You?

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