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Photography workshop in Bela krajina

13. 03. 2018

Among the many activities that our partner RIC Bela krajina carries out one of them is to manage workshops of different subjects for companies in the region. On 6th March, a photographic workshop took place in the facilities Stratus incubator taught by the famous and renowned photographer Tomo Jeseničnik. In this workshop Tomo focused on tourist and gastronomic photographs and made a thorough analysis of the main criteria that must be taken into account when taking pictures. The attending public could also participate in the event through a workshop in which they took photos and could analyze different aspects to be taken into account.

It was undoubtedly a great workshop in which attendees could learn and improve and put into practice their photographic skills.

Congratulations RIC Bela krajina for your great initiative!


Photo by: BB team


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