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O Vinu team met the winemaker of the week, Katja Šuklje

28. 03. 2018

The wine bar of our partner Šuklje was visited by O Vinu, one of the most popular news websites in Slovenia, who then wrote a feature about this unforgettable experience. O Vinu presents and promotes primarily Slovenian wines and winemakers, and tries to find new success stories in the field.

During the visit of Wine Bar Šuklje,  the O Vinu team had the opportunity to meet the winemaker of the week, Katja Šuklje.

It is important to know that Šuklje's story concerning wine started in 1895 in Bela krajina - after the attack of phylloxera, which ravaged Europe, Matija Šuklje applied for a loan of 140 florins to plant the vineyards on a hill behind the village and to build a house.

As writer Vanja Alič described in the article, Katja welcomed them to her estate and let them know they should feel right at home. Katja has great ambitions with a blue pinot which was planted last year. She wants to make a top-quality blue pinot. "This is the first document of our family-owned wine-growing business. We are the sixth generation dealing with all of this" said Katja Šuklje.

The head of the house is still Katja's father, Jože Šuklje, who proudly said: "I do not know if anyone in Bela krajina has even produced dry wines at that time."

We wish all the success to our partners and their business plans in the future!

Photo by: ovinu

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