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Number of employees in Romania reaches highest level in 20 years

28. 07. 2017

The number of employees in Romania’s economy reached 4.84 million in May, above the September 2008 level, the peak in the economic boom period. It was the highest level in the last 20 years. In the first five months of this year, local companies hired almost 114,000 new people, according to local Ziarul Financiar.

By comparison, the total number of employees in September 2008 reached 4.83 million. The lowest level was recorded in January 2011, when the local economy had 4.095 million employees. Since then, some 750,000 jobs have been created.

“It was predictable that the number of employees in the economy would reach or even exceed that of the economic boom because there is a very high demand for candidates and a very small offer,” said Florin Godean, Adecco Romania general manager.

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