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New products of Vizir!

05. 12. 2017

The year has come to an end, but Vizir has one more trick up their sleeve! Accustomed to innovation, our partner has launched a new project which we present below:

A creation of a large beer bottle (Maximus) with a new label, packaged in two different containers:

  • in cardboard with two special glasses for beer

  • in wood in collaboration with the association with Podjetniški inkubator Črnomelj - all handcrafted!

Their idea is to create something special and they have chosen the beer they are most proud of for this project: Maximus. And so Maximus emerged from the snow, to keep us warm.

Below we detail more in depth some of its features.


Robust. Complex. Gourmet.

Strong beer with higher alcohol content and an intense taste. We used Slovenian hop ‘Styrian Golding’, which gives it a special character. A very effective combination of malts and hops gives this beer enough body to incorporate higher alcohol content well. Perfect beer for perfect moment!

ABV: 9 %

IBU: 76

This bottle of beer is a pure richness of flavours of Slovenian hops, well incorporated in rich malty taste. The beer was brewed with passion and love by our own recipe and we want you to really feel and taste it in its full potential. Share the beer with friends to double the pleasure and enjoyment!

As you can see a great proposal and product for this Christmas so if you are a beer lover do not miss this opportunity to try Maximus! For sure you won’t regret it!

Let’s be honest, no beer is ever too big!

Photo by: Peter Ambrožič


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