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Men to the right, women to the left!

11. 08. 2017

What if a beach in Europe separated men from women?
Yeah, that’s true! Located in the extreme north-east of Italy - so close to BIG BERRY- Pedocin is the last beach in Europe that still divides men and women by a wall that extends to the sea.

The Bagno, known to locals as "El Pedocin," was founded in 1903 when Trieste was under Austro-Hungarian rule. It remained an institution throughout the city's turbulent 20th century history, including two decades of Fascist rule and the 1947-54 Anglo-American occupation.
Men and women were originally kept apart by a fence, eventually replaced by a wall. It came down down only once, in 1959, when it was moved to accommodate the expansion of the women's area at the expense of the men's.

A real trip back in time!

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