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Mastermind: The Power of Communication!

09. 08. 2017

We are pleased to announce that our next Mastermind guest is a marketing specialist. Here name is Tea Gasser, and next weekend, she'll be at BIG BERRY to talk about the power of communication in business. In this way, she loves the challenge of turning complex information into a clear and compelling message.

Tea Gasser is experienced in Marketing, Communication and Business Development. She is leader at PwC Slovenia and a PwC CEE core MCDB team member. Tea is also responsible for setting marketing and communications strategy and co-ordinating internal and external communications. In other words, she drives and contributes to a wide range of external and internal communications and marketing projects aimed at raising the profile of the organization and enhancing the brand. Finally she develops and implements communications and marketing strategies, campaigns and events. What a qualified guest we have this weekend!

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