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Grinder Blues

24. 09. 2017

Grinder Blues

The Emmy Award winners Bihlman Brothers will make a tour through Europe and visit Klagenfurt.

The legendary King's X Frontman DugPinnick has teamed up with Bihlman Bros.

Attentive Bluesiana friends will remember the "Bihlman Brothers" concert.

The self-titled album of the Powertrios Grinder Blues is a shot of adrenaline in the heart of the genre.

Originally from northern Indiana, Jabo and Scott have a long history of blues and rock. With the Bihlman Brothers, they recorded 4 albums as a band, 2 of which were edited by the Grammy producer Jim Gaines at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis. The Bihlman Brothers were also on the stage with a long list of stars, from B.B. King over Ted Nugent to Kid Rock.

Date and time: 28.09.2017, 20:30.


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