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BB Chef: The Best Of The Rest

08. 08. 2017

Last weekend, BIG BERRY welcomed the last BB Chef.
Elke & Bernhard Oberhauser were housed for three days at Big Berry, and tasted regional flavors and products.

This couple has been developing a project against food waste, entitled "The Best of the Rest". According to them, in Austria, 760,000 tons of food are wasted every year. Values ​​such as education and integration in schools cooking workshops and sustainable cooking prove to be very important in the maturing of the project.
In this way, they presented an economic menu, which delighted all the guests. An appetizer with a salad with grilled veggies was a perfect beginning of the meal. Rice with curry as a main dish was the thing you can enjoy endlessly. 'Fantasy of BIG BERRY' was the name of the dessert.

We can't wait for the next BB Chef ...
For more information about BB Chef project click here 

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