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Austria: The Magestic Imperial Legacy

31. 07. 2017

Visiting Austria takes us to the past. It’s certainly a journey in time, to the period of the conquests and long empires that outlined Europe for centuries.

The legacy os Austria’s imperial past can be found in several cities, such as, Vienna, Burgenland, Innsbruck or Graz. In this way, the Habsburg Empire developed an impressive architectural culture, taking from the paper projects to the reality its luxurious ideas, adventures and tradictions in fantastic palaces (eg. The Hofburg, in Vienna), castles  (Forchtenstein Castle, in Burgenland), respectfull churches (The Hofkirche, Court Church, in Innsbruck), gardens (Burggarten, in Vienna) and finally and admirable country surrounded by cultural harmony.

In order to be involved and completely immersed into the Austrian culture, it takes several days to discover each medieval and historical monument, retreat into the past and feel like a true conqueror following the footstepsof emperors and knights.

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